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Diagnostics Guide For Honda and Acura Cars

The Check Engine Light (CEL) is a warning system that lets the driver know that something isn't functioning correctly. The ECU is constantly receiving data from its sensors and if any one of them malfunctions or gets a reading that is out of the ordinary, the ECU immediately illuminates the CEL and stores the relative code in its memory. In many cases, especially with engine swaps, the CEL may come on and throw a code due to certain engine wiring harness connectors being plugged to the wrong sensors on the engine. Problems with critical sensors such as the MAP sensor or TPS sensor will cause the car to go into 'LIMP MODE' where the ECU instantly lowers the rev limiter, retards the timing, and dumps an overly abundant amount of fuel into the motor, robbing it of power so that one can still 'limp' the car home under power but limit the driver from causing any more damage. By extracting the codes that are causing the CEL to illuminate, it is then possible to interpret them with a code chart to see what the source of the problem is. This saves a lot of time and aggravation and only requires a short wire or paper clip. We suggest to all our customers to clear al the codes before installing a Speed Innovations tuned ECUs in order to not damage the ECU and be able to get the most power possible out of their setup. Below is a link to the guide in PDF format so that you can easily download and print it. If you don’t have Adobe PDF Reader on your computer, you will also need to download it with the ‘get reader’ button below. diagnostics_guide.pdf

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