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Custom Tuned ECU Ready To Plug-N-Play

Is your engine setup pumping out its full power potential? If its still running the stock ECU, its most likely NOT. You have spent a lot of money modifying your engine, why not get the full bang from your buck. The stock ECU was tuned conservatively for the average driver and not the high performance enthusiast driver like your self. This custom programmed chipped racing ECU will unleash your car's true potential! Don't settle for other useless gimmicks that leave so much to be desired. Speed Innovations has been in the ECU chipping and tuning business for years and chances are that you have already seen our custom ECU's in action at the street or strip before. We sell only quality products that provide real results.

Your Speed Innovations tuned ECU will come custom tuned to your specifications with updated fuel and ignition maps along with a raised rev limiter, removed speed limiter, and if required custom set vtec point. These upgrades along with an easy plug-n-play installation provide an effective performance upgrade for your Honda or Acura. If you just completed an engine swap this is the upgrade you have been looking for since we can program your custom tuned ecu to run any B, D, or H series motor with or without vtec. Take a look at the custom tuning form that will be sent to you in order for us to collect crucial tuning information regarding your setup. Your ECU will be custom tuned and setup to your specifications. When it comes to tuning, there is no such thing as one tune fits all if you want real proven results.


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